Contract Projects

These projects include start up ventures in which I was involved in as a contractor and co-founder.

Trek Guard

Trek Guard was delivered as a part of the annual New Zealand C-comp aimed at technology driven ideas to improve the safety of New Zealand’s extreme tour operators.

Adventure tour operators have a lot of responsibility for the safety of thrill-seekers. This includes ensuring safety equipment is in working condition and that participants are aware of any hazards. Currently digital record keeping of these procedures is non-existent and makes it difficult to establish accountability, and to analyse data to improve company safety procedures. While there is a lot of technology going into improving the equipment used on these adventures, nothing is in place to provide collection and analysis of safety data. Trek Guard is aimed at providing a way recording safety procedures both pre- and post-event as well as in event warnings.


Cam-Pan is a start up consisting of 3 parts designed to empower journalists with high quality tools to enable them to tell their stories in VR - a camera, digital application and VR headset. 


The market is saturated with low end consumer level 360 cameras and high end equipment which is extremely difficult and tedious to set up and publish. Cam-Pan simplifies the process from set up to publishing and allows Journalists to easily capture the essence of the environment they are in.


My role in Cam-Pan was to aid in research, re-design of a few UI element on key pages and create the document used for the initial funding.


Gypsee is a start up appsessory which comprises of a wristband and 2 apps catered towards different users to optimise the travel experience for tour managers and their travellers.


Tour groups have a large dependency on paper and don’t capitalise on the possible digital enhancing experience. Gypsee aims to provide a digital experience in conjunction with a wrist band that enables payment and proximity tracking. 


My role in Gypsee was to design the UX and UI for the application, create the visual concept for the wrist band, aid in research for the documentation and put together the final pitch deck document.