Aderant - EA Pro & Inquiries

Aderant is a leading global law software organisation providing specialist applications and solutions to the Professional Services market.


My role at Aderant comprised of designing the UX flow and the final UI on several key products from the ground up. The process when designing these products involved collaboration with the product management team and BA’s in the early conceptual stage, with UX being a large contributor towards the research and knowledge gathering aspect of what is going to define the key objectives and features within the product. The objectives help define early wireframes which were used in remote presentations to internal and external clients to gain feedback and further improve on the designs. User testing was then used to validate the designs and uncover any unforeseen faults. Finally the designs were prepared for development by uploading the appropriate assets into Zeplin.


Expert Assistant Professional is a mobile platform used for Timekeepers to access their other legal related products. Optimised for the Aderant web products, EA Professional required substantial UX input to help create a succinct experience for the user when jumping between products.

Expert Inquiries

Inquiries is an Aderant product that allows the user to drill into financial information surrounding a matter, client or timekeeper. Optimised for mobile products a firm user is able to access Aderant inquiries on the go from their smart phone or iPad. Inquiries was created as a redesign from Aderants old Inquiries product.

Supporting Products

These are Aderant designs where I was responsible for creating and maintaining the relevant product or features.

Smart Phone Menu System & Pattern Monitoring

An increasing number of smart phone optimised products lead to a need to redesign our current navigation system to allow the user to jump from one product to another within the application. The menu had to be consistent across all smart phone products and also allow the user to access product specific navigation settings. My role was to help design this new navigation paradigm, present the functionality to all relevant stakeholders (remotely using an Atomic Prototype) and ensure that implementation from the development team was delivered correctly.

Spotlight Navigation & Pattern Monitoring

Spotlight, unlike the other Aderant web based products features a navigation menu where the user can access and change the information on the main dashboard immediately. The addition of a feature that allows the user to jump between products within the application made it difficult for the user to easily access the information required, therefore a redesign of the entire navigation menu was needed in conjunction with a re-skin to align Spotlight with the rest of the Aderant web products.

Case New Intake User Testing

Case is Aderant’s web based file management system for Matters. This prototype was used in A/B user testing to evaluate the flow of the design and to see if the user would identify any issues with a new design pattern that had been implemented.  


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