Motion Studies

These projects provide an insight into the level of proficiency, and value I hold for motion lead design within a product. These range from simple interactive prototypes that focus on flow to delightful details hidden in the interaction of small buttons. 

Aderant Interactions Document and Motion Prototypes

This document explored the work of technology and animation industry leaders and established the commonalities between them have formulated successful interaction experiences.

Aderant - Day in the life of video

Personas were used to tell the story of a day in the life of a billing co-ordinator and billing partner for the new Billing products.  During production of the video I was responsible for generating all the assets and producing a large majority of the video. Final production of the video was co-ordinated with marketing to bring it to life.

VR Character Study

This project is a personal attempt at unifying the knowledge gathered from Aderant’s Interaction Guideline Document and new animation techniques learnt in Adobe After Effects. 

Standard Web Page33.jpg

ReviewMe Loading 

ReviewMe is a personal project aimed at communicating the value of motion lead design by showing how a ’skeleton animation’ prompted launch screen can provide a sense of activity and engagement to the user. 

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