AT Trolley

(University Project)

The AT Trolley is a tool to provide commuters with an alternative source of transport other than a car when faced with moving large quantity of items. Furthermore the AT Trolley aims to improve the journey and patronage of Auckland Transport as well as producing social and healthcare benefits.

The AT Trolley targets primarily commuters who live in population dense areas such as the Auckland city-center, in conjunction with the inner-city suburbs. Due to the high expense of owning and using a car in these areas, the residents will often use public transport to commute to their desired destination. Therefore the AT Trolley will act as a safe and easy storage tool to transport items such as their groceries, shopping bags, sport gear or other miscellaneous items across Auckland without the use of a car. The non-obtrusive form and lightweight properties of the design, provides commuters with a portable storage unit enabling a more social and healthy experience in their journey. The AT Trolley would comprise of a hiring system where commuters can pay with their HOP cards to lease out a Trolley from an automated lockable stand. The system would require previous online enrollment with credit card details to ensure the users of the Trolleys can be held accountable for any potential damage/theft. Furthermore these trolley stands would be strategically implemented in key areas around Auckland such as train and bus stations, retail outlets and supermarkets generating economic value towards the community and Auckland transport.